Social Media Best Practices For Small Businesses

Social media can be a scary and unknown terrain for many small businesses. But it doesn’t have to be, especially if you learn to employ the following best practices for small businesses perfecting social media strategies:

Content promotion is very important across all social media channels. However, remember that all your competitors think the same. Social networks nowadays are saturated with content. So, the best way to stand above the fray is to be unique. Instead of focusing on promoting large amounts of content on a weekly basis, focus your team’s efforts on generating top-quality content. Try to be interesting and one-of-a-king. That’s the only way to grab the attention of modern social media users who are exposed to hundreds of content pieces on a daily basis.

Small businesses often overlook to analyze the impact of their social media tactics. Most companies assess the impact of a social media post or a link by the view counts, shares and the like. This is only a superficial assessment. You need to understand how the cogs underneath work to drive traffic to your site. To do this, your marketing strategy needs a full SEO audit. Get a third-party report like one of the WME Reviews to honesty understand the impact of your strategy. Then you will know how to proceed and which practices to ditch.

A part of a good social media strategy is promoting and making visible product reviews and customer testimonials. The pressure is so high to do this, and garner social validation, that some small businesses have this practice of faking such reviews. This is a terrible, terrible idea. Users can easily pick out a fake review. If one is found out, the whole reputation of your company will be at stake. Therefore, ditch this practice if it exists at your company and try to get users to publish honest reviews.

Once you have conducted those WME Reviews, take a step back to digest the results. You will be able to see which social networks garner the most traffic. Once you know this, focus your efforts on these traffic-attracting channels only. Stop experimenting with everything else. You can only attract customers on channels where potential customers engage with your business the most. The rest is just a waste of money.

Also, be careful not to overreach to a massive, wide audience. That will saturate your efforts and core message. Appeal more to those who are already attracted to your brand.

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