How To Make Your Ecommerce Blog A Success

Want to make your ecommerce blog a real success? Then follow the below tips:

Find the Right Hosting Plan
First of all, you need a hosting plan that can handle the traffic. Don’t waste money using an inappropriate plan. Shop for a service provider that specialises in the CMS that you are currently using. For example, if you use Magento, find a specialised Magento hosting plan, go to

Choose a Minimalist Theme that Comes with Your CMS
Elaborate themes can cause your site to load slower. Therefore, choose your CMS, like Magento, and choose a Magento web theme that is minimalist. Simple themes are easy for readers to navigate. And also it does not become slow loading over time.

Feature Your Blog Posts on Popular Platforms
Your blog posts won’t attract many readers if they are sitting on your blog. You need to attract readers to your site. One of the best ways to get readers to flock to your site is to feature your blog posts elsewhere. For example, if you know a popular blog, ask the owner to feature one of your blog posts, provide a link for readers to be redirected to your site. Readers need to be aware of your blog to start following it. Therefore, get your blog out there on popular platforms and benefit from shared traffic.

Get a Notable Personality to Blog for You
On the other hand, you can attract readers with a celebrity byline for a blog post. Well, if your company is still small, it will be very difficult to get a Hollywood A-Lister to write for you. However, you can focus on local celebrities and well known personalities in your industry. Even a little celebrity can benefit your blog, and in turn your business.

Post Links on Forums
You can create awareness regarding your blog by posting links on forums where customers gather to ask questions and post reviews. For example, if you sell travel gear, write a blog post about travelling at a hip destination. Insert travel gear to the blog post. Then, feature this blog post on a popular travel forum like Fodor’s.

Engage Readers
Let your readers contribute to your blog as well. Have Q&A sessions, and ask readers to share their stories or pictures with you as well. Engage readers in this manner to retain followers.

Also, you can provide answers to big customer inquiries on your blog. If there are particularly pressing questions customers often ask on your site, you can provide detailed answers on your blog. That’s a good way to keep the blog relevant to paying customers. To get started, Find out more about joomla hosting, ecommerce hosting or any other Australian hosting services.